Divine Concentrates
Divine Concentrates
Divine Concentrates
Divine Concentrates

Divine Concentrates

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Darren Cole, the creator of the now infamous Lemon Tart Remix recipe has granted Chefs Flavours exclusive permission to make his own recipes in to oneshots. 

4 Delicious recipes available in 30ml options.

Elevenses - Named after the term take a break in your schedule, well this juice is for you. Sit back and delve into these rich buttery biscuits laced with ginger and coated in honey. It's not just a quick fix this is definitely a all day vape.
Mix at 11%

Fantastic - Based on the Malaysian e-liquid we re-mix this orange sensation of 3 blended oranges to create a mouthwatering beverage. We don't stop there though we finish off this delight with a blast of icy cooling. It's so cold it should come with a warning.
Mix at 12.55%

Lemon Tart - The infamous remix that blew away the DIY scene. A perfect blend of tasty pastry, tangy lemon curd and topped of with lashings of meringue.
Mix at: 14.55%
Steep Time: 5 days

Timebomb - Can you crack the code with this fruit explosion of peach,strawberry and apple.
Mix at: 10%
Steep Time: 3 days